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success stories

Everyone loves to read success stories as they are powerfully inspiring and motivate others to feel that they too can succeed. When someone has accomplished something significant, sharing it with others is a celebration of achievement and recovering from anxiety is certainly something to celebrate!

Whether you have had success following The Recovery Plan or working with me - I would love to hear your story and share it with other Anxious about Anxiety followers around the world!

Contact me and allow others to celebrate in your success!

Instant inspiration

I have created Instant Inspiration so when you’re feeling down and you need a little upliftment you have somewhere motivating and inspiring to come too.

Reading inspirational quotes not only allows you to acknowledge there are many words of wisdom always available to you, but it also enables time to pause, breath and reflect. Insightful phrases resonate as an inherent expression of truth within us, washing away doubt and fear.

Take just a few minutes out of your daily routine to check in and absorb these wonderfully uplifting sentiments.

Please Contact me If you have an inspirational quote to share

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It is my hope that by the end of 2015 we will be ready to disclose the dates for our first Anxious about Anxiety seminar. These events are designed to bring together people who experience anxiety from around the world who have a shared goal - that goal being to fully understand their anxiety and to discover tools that will change their life.

We will be bringing together some of Anxious about Anxiety’s best loved therapists to share in person their wisdom and experience in dealing with the symptoms of anxiety.

With this being a shared experience I would love to hear your thoughts on whom and what would benefit you most at the seminar?

Seize the opportunity to have your say!

Contact me and let me know your ideas!


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